The Planted Philosophy

Planted represents the 3 decades studying and exploring world horticulture by Ian Cooke, designer, plants man, presenter and trainer. We need plants in our lives more than ever but with our reliance on consumerism it is difficult to forsake short term gain and strive for long term performance. But it can be done; commit to working with the seasons, understand the principles that support plant growth and get off the treadmill of plant failure and you can be Planted.

You are Planted when...

1. You work with the seasons

2. You grew the fresh salad you just ate

3. You can pick a bouquet of flowers from your own garden

4. You like going bare foot

5. You crave evening fragrance

6. You realize photosynthesis is more than a scrabble word

7. You are happy when it rains

8. You stare at the ice crystals of the first frost of the year

9. You seek out the fireworks of fall color

10. You understand the power of a single seed

11. You have a compost pile

12. You practice crop rotation

13. You harvest blueberries from a bush

14. You grow sunflowers because you can

15. You asleep under the shade of a large tree

16. You smile at the sun rise

17. Your gift for a special occasion is a tree

18. Discovering a new food you think ‘how can I grow this’

19. When weeding is a satisfying distraction

20. You Google Search a Latin plant name

21. You realize NPK are not the only plant nutrients

22. You notice Spring bulbs wearing a collar of snow

23. You are surprisingly happy with muddy hands

24. You have a favorite plants list

25. pH values are no longer a mystery